Hindman Bowers Funeral Service & Crematorium

Grief Counselling

Grief is a journey that is not meant to be taken alone. After the loss of a loved one, a person must not only deal with their own personal grief, but also logistical concerns that can quickly become overwhelming. Employment, financial and legal affairs, housing arrangements, and even meal preparation, can all present new challenges. This is why we offer an aftercare program and grief counselling to help you through this time.

Capreece Bowers and Naomi Silver are our grief counsellors and can assist you in handling some of these difficult situations. They are here to, not only serve your immediate needs, but ensure that you are equipped for the long term impacts. In addition, our funeral directors offer support and guidance in finding additional resources within your community. These programs can often put you in touch with others who have had similar experiences.

Serving and caring for families in our community with understanding and dignity since 1964