Salmon Arm, BC

Funeral Stationery and DVD Tributes

Funeral stationery can be as unique and personalized as the funeral service itself.

Memorial cards are a way to highlight your loved one and the life that they lived. It is a valuable keepsake for family, friends, and acquaintances. The memorial card is often cherished and kept for many years after the funeral or memorial service.

Because gathering the photos and text for the memorial card can be an overwhelming task, you may wish to employ the assistance of family members to choose appropriate pictures, songs and poetry or scripture that may be used. The funeral director can often assist with local photos that can be used as a backdrop for the text. Personalized guestbooks that reflect the life of the deceased are also available.

If a picture paints a thousand words, then DVD tributes speak volumes. Your funeral director will take your still photos and add appropriate music to provide a keepsake DVD that will not only enhance your funeral service, but provide countless years of enjoyment for future generations.

Our funeral home uses specialized software, specifically designed for the funeral profession. These tributes also have the capability to be uploaded to the internet for friends and family afar to enjoy.

These are just a sampling of the options that we are able to make available to you. For more detailed information, contact our offices and speak directly to one of the funeral directors.


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