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Funeral Services

A funeral or memorial service highlights your loved one and the life that they lived. When making decisions about a service or ceremony, it is important to consider the needs of the family, religious and cultural beliefs, finances and certain basic information and options. For example, whether or not the body should be present, in an open or closed casket; held in a church, funeral facility, private home or any other place of choice.

The kind of service does not dictate whether burial or cremation is chosen, nor does the choice of burial or cremation determine the kind of service held.

To make the funeral or memorial service a creative, unforgettable and meaningful celebration of the life of your loved one, some ideas and options that you may wish to explore would be:

A unique location that meant something to the deceased
Music that truly reflects the individual you are memorializing
Including symbolic gestures like candle ceremonies
Planning the service around a theme
Using unique ethnic rituals in the ceremony
Providing meaningful mementoes of the deceased to those attending the ceremony
Provide input by fraternal organizations and clubs (i.e. Royal Canadian Legion)

A funeral or memorial service need not be costly - there are dozens of ways to keep the cost down and still provide a perfect tribute to your loved one.

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