Salmon Arm, BC

Celebrant Services

A Funeral Celebrant is trained and certified to help individuals plan and present personalized memorial, celebration of life and funeral services. Celebrants do not have to include a religious component.

Individuals who request the services of a Celebrant do so for a variety of reasons. Family members may practice different religions or define spirituality in a multitude of ways. A deceased loved one may not have been religious, yet the family do want the service to reflect the love and significance of the relationships they shared with that person.

A Celebrant will meet with you in your own home or at the funeral home. During this time, they will explore ways of making the service as meaningful and as personalized as possible. Participation by family and community is always encouraged. A celebrant can help a family with their message and can speak on behalf of that family. Once all of the elements of the service are discussed and decided upon, the Celebrant writes a customized tribute.

Gary Sulz, André Carelse, Jack Bowers, and his daughter, Capreece, all offer Celebrant services. Capreece received her formal Celebrant training through Doug Manning of The In-Sight Institute. Mr. Manning is renowned throughout North America as a public speaker, grief counsellor and advocate for meaningful funeral and memorial services. Capreece is also a registered clinical counsellor.


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